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Decorated Apparel

When it comes to decorated apparel, no one has EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi beat!
With the largest selection of garments available in South Texas, EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi are the only companies that can customize everything on site at our full-service resource centers.
EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi specializes in a variety of embellishment methods to meet every need and every budget--the greatest variety of in-house decoration methods in South Texas:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing
  • Digital garment printing
  • Tackle twill or appliques
  • Cut Vinyl

Only EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi offers the largest selection of name brand labels such as Nike, Adidas, Charles River, Holloway, Game, Port Authority, Ultra Club and Devon & Jones--all in convenient, full-service resource centers where you can touch and feel samples and even try them on for size.

Whether you need caps for the company softball team, windbreakers for the security team or golf shirts for your sales team, EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi can find the right fit for you. Our team of experts can help you select not only the best garment to fit your needs but the best method for customizing it based on your budget.

So, try EmbroidMe Kingsville/Corpus Christi on for size! You won't be disappointed!

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